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Crisp Sensitivity | H&M Studio SS 17

Гледайте видеото и не забравяйте да включите звука за по-добро преживяване!
Watch the video and don't forget to turn on the sound for the best experience!

анорак | semi transparent jacket, черно яко | black jacket, розова блуза с волани | pink ruffle blouse, коприрена риза на райета | silk stripped blouse, полупрозрачна чанта | semi transparent bag: H&M Studio SS 17, слънчеви очила | sunglasses: H&M (in store April), обувки | shoes: H&M PREMIUM QUALITY, часовник | wristwatch : Daniel Wellingoton 

Videography | Thanks to Dimitar Barzakov & 360 Creative
Thanks Estee Lauder for the Natural Glowy Makeup Look! 

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В България колекцията ще бъде в продажба от 2 март в магазин H&M на бул. Витоша 6, както и онлайн на hm.com.

The H&M Studio collection will be presented at Paris Fashion Week on 1 March. You can stream the show live on HM.com and shop the items online right after the event. The full range will be available for purchase in selected stores the following day.

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